Here I am entering the cave

I was lucky enough to vacation in Playa del Carmen recently and always enjoy it thoroughly as it’s hard to beat the aqua blue of the warm water, white sand, perfect weather, great food and amazing margaritas! I come back with a rested mind & soul and inspired professionally. And this time I was absolutely blown away!

We had a gourmet dining experience inside an actual cave in a place called Alux Caverna Restaurant and Lounge. It was a complete magical experience because it was so unexpected. The dramatic colored lights were done so well and there was even a small ceynote in the cave (underground sinkhole filled with water) which is common in the Yucatan.


This is one of the lounge areas



Another lounge area dressed with a chandelier and comfortable chairs

Every direction you looked was absolutely stunning. Even the table settings were unique and worth a photo.

Unique table setting with napkin draped out of the wine glass

Unique table setting with napkin draped out of the wine glass

After a wonderful main course of lobster, shrimp, calamari and salmon, our server encouraged us to get up and walk around the wine cellar and back of the cave before ordering dessert.


Entrance to wine cellar


Inside dramatic wine cellar

 It took us about 20 minutes to meander through the back areas of the cave including a bar and private party areas. (What a place to have a wedding!)


Blue lit bar with small candlelit tables

I think this spot was my favorite place as the entire scene — especially the lighting — took my breath away!

Back area of the cave

Back area of the cave

I intend to go back as often as possible and encourage you to visit if you happen to be in Playa del Carmen. It is an experience you’ll never forget.

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