If you often find yourself wishing your kitchen could be just a little bigger, chances are that it’s not more space you need, but better storage. A great many of the kitchen remodels that we tackle don’t involve increasing the size of the kitchen, but simply in reconfiguring the layout and replacing outdated cabinets with more functional, customized storage solutions.

 Here’s a current project that provides a good example. The kitchen is actually generously sized, but with hungry, snacking teenagers in the house, plus extra drink ware and dinnerware for entertaining, our clients found themselves squeezed for storage space. The single pantry cabinet, in particular, was inadequate for their needs, requiring them to find additional cupboard space for the overflow. That meant pasta stored in a drawer, and condiments sharing space with coffee mugs.

kitchen storage 5

Food presents an especially challenging storage problem, since it comes packaged in so many different shapes, sizes and materials.

Our new kitchen plan keeps the same general layout of the kitchen, but boosts the storage in a few key ways.

Tinseth Kitchen Floor Plan 4-21-16

A floor plan shows how the new kitchen will be configured.

  • Spice pullouts next to the range will organize all those little jars and tins, keeping them within easy reach while cooking.
Columbia spice pullout

Here are examples of spice pullouts. Available in different sizes and with different interior shelving, these provide a lot of storage in a narrow space.

Columbia spice pullout 2

  • Deep drawers flanking the range will house pots and pans and other bulky items. Drawers can often provide better storage than cabinets, because they allow you to stack items but still easily access them. And new drawer designs provide full extension, even for heavy loads.


  • We’ll keep a tall pantry cabinet at the left end of the range wall, where the current pantry is, but add more pullout shelves, eliminating the wasted space between the current shelves. The pullouts only need to be as far apart as the highest item on each shelf, since full-extension glides bring even items at the back within easy reach.


  • We’re including additional tall cabinet space at the right end of the range wall. A compact speed oven and steam oven will provide extra oven capacity, while still leaving ample storage space for pantry items. As a bonus, the speed/convection oven will eliminate the microwave that currently takes up valuable counter space. Appliances that do double duty are always a plus!


  • The narrower oven cabinet leaves room for a 12-inch wide pantry pullout. This is another ingenious way to provide tons of storage in a small space, since the whole cabinet pulls out, allowing items to be accessed from either side.


pullout pantry 2

Narrow pullout pantry shelves provide a lot of storage in a little space.


  • On the other kitchen perimeter wall, we’re eliminating a desk that’s no longer needed or wanted, and filling the wall with functional storage in the form of a built-in hutch. We’re even making room for a wine refrigerator, in addition to a new counter-depth refrigerator.


kitchen storage 3

Kitchen desks are falling from popularity. Eliminating this one will create room for more functional storage cabinets.


Tinseth perspective

A built-in hutch with glass-front doors will provide ample and elegant storage for glassware and other items.


  • Next, we’re reconfiguring the island. Currently, there’s island seating across from the dining nook, but there’s not enough room for people to sit there without bumping into the dining chairs. The new plan fills that space with more storage cabinets, and moves the island seating to the family room side, where there’s more space to move.


Tinseth kitchen

The new kitchen will keep the same general layout as this current view.

  • Built-in banquette seating will allow the table to be pushed closer to the window, leaving a wider passageway between the table and island. Even more storage space will be provided under the bench seats.

These are just a few of the customized solutions that can help increase kitchen storage. Your kitchen probably has unique challenges of its own, but we can always find ways to make the space work better for you.

Give us a call if you’re ready to solve your kitchen storage problems!



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