Touring “The New American Remodel”

First let’s get the alphabet soup of acronyms out of the way. The convention that Wendy and I went to in February was actually two shows: the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), combined with the 75th annual International Builder Show (IBS), which is put on by...

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Granite Vs. Quartz Smackdown

Which is Better: Granite or Quartz? Clients often ask us if they should choose granite or quartz for their new countertops, and our answer, as with so many design questions, is, "It depends." It depends on your personal preferences. It depends on your budget. It...

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Resolve to Try a New Color This Year

If you’ve resolved to add a fresh new color to your usual décor, paint manufacturers and color forecasters can be a great source of inspiration. They put a considerable amount of research into determining colors that they believe will be trending in the foreseeable...

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Stop Treating Marble As If It’s Delicate and Precious

I recently took a trip to Spain and France, and I was struck by something that I’ve noticed on previous vacations: Europeans use marble everywhere: public bathrooms, sidewalks, staircases, wherever. The most humble and mundane places are often enriched with beautiful...

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Creative Repurposing Highlights a Paris Hotel

On my recent European vacation, I had the pleasure of staying in the charming Astotel Hotel Le 123 Sebastopol in the heart of Paris. The little boutique hotel is dedicated to cinema and is packed with creative and clever design elements. Camera tripods and film cases...

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Switch Up Your Home Décor for the Seasons

In last month’s “Design Matters” newsletter, we heralded in spring with a variety of garden-inspired home décor products. That brought up a question: Do you change up your home décor for the changing seasons? Lots of people decorate their homes for the holidays, but...

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