Is Pinterest Changing Home Design?

Some time ago (pre-COVID), I attended a presentation by the editor-in-chief of Dwell magazine on color trends through the decades. I’d say the upshot was

Need It? No. Want It? Yes!

We always say, “Details make the difference.” And in a bathroom, those details make the difference between a functional but boring utility space, or a

A Question of Privacy

We learn a lot about people when we redesign their bathrooms. Sometimes too much! Like doctors and priests, we swear ourselves to confidentiality — but

What’s Your Color Profile?

Color is an integral part of every interior design project, often driving the overall design. The right colors can make a room warm and cozy, or

Our Clients Love Albee!


We loved working with Albee Interior Design! We had a particularly unusual project in mind, and they were able to use their extensive knowledge of unique products to help us find just what we were looking for. They were also meticulous in their planning, ensuring the project went smoothly from design through execution. We're so thrilled with the results of our Steampunk Speakeasy bar project!

Sarah Mattox
Happy Client

We hired Wendy and her team for a master bathroom remodel and were thrilled with the results! The beautiful work definitely contributed to the successful sale of our home. Highly recommend!

Michele Metcalf
Happy Client

Wendy, Cathy and the contractors were amazing during the Stay at Home and Stay Healthy period. Everyone kept a positive attitude since we were mid way through our projects when we were put on a pause! As of this month June, our projects are completed! Our place with the new flooring, carpeting, stairs with a runner, redesign guest room and a puppy (our suggestion to the mix), looks great. Thank you Wendy, Cathy and team.

Toni Janus
Happy Client

Best Interior Designer Ever!

Frank Rizzo
Happy Client

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