Switch Up Your Home Décor for the Seasons

In last month’s “Design Matters” newsletter, we heralded in spring with a variety of garden-inspired home décor products. That brought up a question: Do you change up your home décor for the changing seasons? Lots of people decorate their homes for the holidays, but...

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Trends, Fads, and Timeless Design

It’s a question we get asked again and again: Is this design going to look dated in a few years? Our answers might as well come from a Magic 8 Ball: “It is decidedly so.” “Reply hazy try again.” “My sources say no.” Really, there’s no way of predicting which specific...

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Be Bold! Be Colorful!

How do you feel about colored appliances? Sure, you might have a cheerful yellow tea kettle, or maybe an Empire Red KitchenAid stand mixer, but I mean major appliances, like refrigerators and washing machines. Would you ever consider making a color statement with...

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Showering in Style

In my last post, I talked about tubs. Now let's turn our attention to showers. Wendy and I are seeing two big trends: Trend #1: The Wet Room With this concept, the tub and shower are placed together in one big space, usually at least partially glassed off but not...

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Tub Talk

Wendy and I have been designing a lot of bathrooms lately, and we’ve been having a blast playing around with new products and design trends.  Let’s start with bathtubs. Forget about those big, clunky jetted tubs that were the standard luxury bathroom must-have in the...

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