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Thoughtful Design For The Way You Live
Albee Interior Design offers an array of services for existing and new construction. We translate clients’ needs into a cohesive vision, ensuring that “the big picture” works aesthetically and functionally while reflecting each client’s personal style.

We’re happy to recommend a team of skilled trades people who we know and trust, but we’re equally comfortable working with clients’ own preferred contractors. Either way, we create unique and distinctive environments that fulfill our clients’ dreams.

Design Development

Whether we’re transforming one room or tackling a whole-house remodeling project, we can ensure that your personalized design will flow throughout your home, smoothly blending the old with the new.


We’re skilled at designing a fully gutted remodel where nothing is left of the original. We also enjoy the challenge of making what’s left behind look new again. The result is a new space you’ll love for years to come.

Space Planning

We’re experts at finding creative ways to reimagine rooms for better functionality, maximizing your existing spaces with consideration to comfort, efficiency, and traffic flow — with or without moving walls.


Project Management

We’ll hold your hand throughout the entire remodel process, making sure our designs are installed and implemented as planned. We can also recommend extremely competent contractors who will show up when they say they will and communicate with us to ensure that every aspect of your project is completed correctly.

Material Specification

Selecting materials for a construction project can be overwhelming, and pulling it all together is even more so. We’ll help you make the right choices in flooring, cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, etc. And we’ll track all of your selections with drawings and a specification document so contractors have a detailed plan to follow.

Cabinet Design

The right cabinets can make a space more beautiful and also more functional. We represent several semi-custom cabinet lines with a range of styles from traditional to contemporary, including Lectus and Columbia. Both of these offer frameless construction and a vast array of customization possibilities.

Colors and Finishes

Your house should be accented with the colors you love. We can help you identify your personal color palette and incorporate it tastefully into your home design via paint, wallpaper, textiles, and faux finishes.

Furniture and Lighting

Whatever your style or price range, we know where to find the cool stuff! We help our clients find customized furniture and the perfect lighting fixtures to finish off their spaces and reflect their personal taste.

Window Treatments

From luxurious draperies in beautiful fabrics, to the simplest of disappearing shades, we’ll make sure your window coverings reflect the overall style of every room, while also controlling light and views.

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